Graceretrievers Com - PUPPY SCAM

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we were also purchasing a puppy from and got scammed. Robert qouted is a puppy for $500.00 with a $300 deposit and we could meet the puppy on Sunday here in Dallas.

The address he gave was a Dallas address that is owned by someone else and the $300.00 that was sent Westren Union to him was picked up by someone in Huston. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Graceretrievers Com - Scammed when buying a puppy

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My daughter adopted a golden retriever puppy on the internet from graceretrievers. com, this was a scam.

He took the money, and then stated, they would need more money to insure the puppy for delivery. $795.00 which most would be refunded. The phone number and internet site have been shut down. I then searched the internet and

Beware of any puppy sites stating shipping for free, and it seems like he is using the word grace in his site. Also he makes it sound as if he is religious. He states golden retrievers $500.00.

Asks for western union wire, or amazon gift card. THIS IS A SCAM....PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR IT...

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Another scam website is

It look just like the Gracy golden retriever website and they just switch some of the dogs name around to make it look different


Is this the same website all of you guys taking about?

I emailed them for a puppy but I ask to met in person and they want $599 for the puppy and they send me pictures of the puppy I want and all of the documents he will come with. I just hope it's not a scam, if anyone know plz tell me

Cumming, Georgia, United States #1344315

also scammed. puppy named maxwell is supposed to ship today, but now they won't respond to text or email.

my daughter paid 500 via WU. persons name was Bernard Broutchie in Boston Mass.

to Anonymous #1347079

I emailed them yesterday about Maxwell and I told them I want to get him in person and I was plaining on meeting sometime this weekend or next weekend for him so is this really a scam? They send me pictures and everything of the dog and the paperwork.


Has anyone received any money back yet? Should have read more reviews, feel like an ***



Yes, stay away from that page also. They are the same people.

It seems that that website is still up and running.

I am not sure why this website has not been shut down yet by the FBI Online Investigations.


Does anyone know if the FBI is working on this case? I submitted my complaint last week but no word from them yet....

to Anonymous Corona, California, United States #1327903

I filed with FBI, Western Union and BBB. The ONLY one I have heard from is the Better Business Bureau.

They accepted my claim and was posted against the graceretrievers site. It looks like their Web page has been shut down!

That's a good thing! I'm still hoping we hear from FBI and WU.

to LJ Johnson #1328920

Thank you for the update. Yes, the website has been shut down, that's great so no one else gets scammed....Western Union flat out told me I wasn't getting my money back...sad!!! And from the FBI no word from them yet....I just want this man be prosecuted and charged....I will update if I hear any news....thanks again...

to Anonymous #1329157

Does this website look similar to the one you we're on before?

I was looking for golden retrievers and found it today and thought it was too good to be true so I looked up scams with the word gracy golden retrievers in it and your article popped up.


Everyone also needs to find out where the evil person picked up the money and include that info in your complaints. This may help them locate the evil person that did this to all of us.

to Barb Dallas, Texas, United States #1323925

Hi, we were also scammed by this horrible person/persons and the money was picked up in Houston TX and he said he lived in Dallas. He gave us a fake address to someone else and never returned our request to meet the puppies.

Locust Grove, Virginia, United States #1323743

OK. Everyone involved should do everything they can to get this evil person.

My puppy never showed up. Robert Che and Stephan Fon are psycho paths. The " have a blessed day " language makes me sick. Blessed days are not being scammed and disappointing your granddaughter on her birthday.

Call your local police departments and your state FBI cyber security department and file your complaints.

Stop them. It's important.

to Barb Dallas, Texas, United States #1323926

We called our police, Westren Union and filed witch FBI. Does anyone know how to get the website deleted so no one else get any scammed?

to Barb Los Angeles, California, United States #1324429

Good morning all... PLEASE also file with the Better Business Bureau.

They responded to my complaint and it has been accepted and going on file of their graceretrievers site. The more complaints the better chances that this won't continue to happen to others like it did to all of us. I also filed with the Western Union, my credit company AND the FBI Internet scam department.

I'm praying they shut them down! It would be great if we could get our money back on top of all the PAIN we've had to endure, but I don't know if that's just hoping against hope!


Also, had my nephew contact Grace Retrievers last night to inquire about the availability of the same dog that I had purchased and was suppose to be in shipment. Robert Che "responded that the puppy was available as the previous purchaser changed their mind for financial reasons"


The *** continues !!!

You all should be receiving an email from Golden Eye Express stating that the puppy is at the airport but because of its age it needs special travel insurance. $820 that will be 97% reimbursed upon delivery. As time of the essence, I should run out to the closest Money-Gram and send funds to another address in Dallas.


I also recommend that all file a report with the FBI internet fraud division

to Kevin Los Angeles, California, United States #1323607

Thank you Kevin. I have also filed with this suggested FBI site.

Hopefully at some point this "person" (I use that word loosely) will be caught and shut down.

Praying we all get a refund at some point!

Thank yoU!

to Kevin #1323679

Thank you Kevin for the FBI link. I have also submitted a complaint there. Hope they can stop this man.

to Kevin Rhode Island, United States #1324446

This happened to me this week too! I filed with the FBI and Western Union.


Los Angeles, California, United States #1323242

This also happened to me, just this past week. SAME PEOPLE!

Unfortunately, I fell for it too. I have reported him to BBB and Western Union. Be careful everyone!

There are some very CRUEL people out there! So sad and disappointed!

to LJ Johnson Los Angeles, California, United States #1323245

Additional info... His name is Robert Che.

Everyone .... pass this on!

He needs to be stopped! Refunds are surely UNLIKELY!

to LJ Johnson #1323246

OMG then it is a scam. Puppy supposed to be shipped today and would arrive between 8 and 9 tonight.

I still have not received any tracking info. I want him charged and prosecuted.

How can someone be so cruel, I just can't believe what I'm going thru right now. So sad!!!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1323250

I agree. I'm doing everything I can.

You need to do what I did, complain to WU, and the BBB. They file claims. I also filed with my credit card co and hoping they can help. Mine was supposed to come last Friday between 8-9.

I'm so sorry we have to go through this!

I did pray the fear of God into him. Obviously, he doesn't care!

to LJ #1323267

This is his contact information for people to be aware:

Receiver’s names :…………… Robert Che

Address:..................... 14909 Bellbrook Dr



State:……………………….. TX

Zip Code:……………………. 75254 Phone #:.........................210-926-8340 E-mail:............................. Website:......................... Also this person: RECEIVER :STEPHAN FON ADDRESS :8008 CEDAR SPRING RD , DALLAS , TX , 75235 Please report these people to the Dallas police. Don't fall for it.

to Anonymous #1323751

I am so sorry. I was also crushed.


Was his name Robert? Which puppy were you looking at? We also may have been scammed...

to Julie #1323020

I just recently bought a puppy from them. Robert Che supposed to ship him last Friday then sent me an e-mail saying that he couldn't, but today Monday he will ship him.

I will be waiting all day.

I hope this isn't a scam. Will keep you posted...

to Anonymous #1323118

I also purchased from them with delivery to be today (Monday 5/1). I have not heard from them, dog has not been delivered and all attempts at contact have failed.

to Kevin #1323243

Robert sent me an e-mail earlier today saying that his son was taking care of the shipment and that puppy would arrive between 8 and 9 pm tonight. I have not received any tracking info.

I really hope this isn't a scam. Kevin, which puppy did you buy?

to Kevin #1323452

Her name was Angie and, like the rest of you, she was not delivered.

to Anonymous Locust Grove, Virginia, United States #1323747

It's a scam. Very upsetting.

Next you will get an email from Goldeneyeexpress stating that you must pay $795.00 and telling you that it will be refunded.

NOT. I'm sorry that this happened to you as well.

to Julie Los Angeles, California, United States #1323266

Julie, her name was Chloe. $500.

to LJ #1323271

Yes. I paid $660.

It is a total fraud.

Contact the Dallas police department. Hope they can arrest this man.

to Anonymous #1323714

I doubt that the Dallas Police will be of any assistance as they told be to file a report with my local police department. Also, they probably are not even located in Dallas or Texas even. Western Union should know where the cash was picked up.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1331569

We just got scam too. paid $500 for the guy name ARNOLD PEGUY from Boston, MA through Western Union on Saturday.

Today is Monday and haven't heard from him. the website is

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