My daughter adopted a golden retriever puppy on the internet from graceretrievers. com, this was a scam. He took the money, and then stated, they would need more money to insure the puppy for delivery. $795.00 which most would be refunded. The phone number and internet...
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Another scam website is It look just like the Gracy golden retriever website and they just switch some of the dogs name around to make it look different


Is this the same website all of you guys taking about? I emailed them for a puppy but I ask to met in person and they want $599 for the puppy and ...

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Graceretrievers Com - PUPPY SCAM

Graceretrievers Com
we were also purchasing a puppy from and got scammed. Robert qouted is a puppy for $500.00 with a $300 deposit and we could meet the puppy on Sunday here in Dallas. The address he gave was a Dallas address that is owned by someone else and the $300.00 that was sent Westren Union to him was picked up by someone in Huston. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!